Anti-Mould Plus+

Evolving Elements Anti-Mould Plus+ is a broad-spectrum water-based biocide. It inhibits the growth of moss and lichen on surfaces to which it is applied. It may be applied to clean cement and unglazed terracotta roofs, and to a range of other substrates, just prior to applying primer and subsequent coatings.

Application Method

  • Mix thoroughly with a broad, flat stirrer, do not thin, ready-to-use form.
  • It can be applied using a roller, brush, pad, HVLP spray equipment, or airless spray equipment.
  • If applying on roofs, an application with a garden-type weed sprayer is recommended. If using airless spray equipment, a 15 thou tip and white gun filter is recommended.
  • Apply enough to adequately “wet” the surface.
  • When applied as part of a roof restoration, It  must be over-coated using the appropriate components selected from the Evolving Elements range.
  • When applying it’s important to follow the instructions and safety recommendations.
Anti-Mould Plus