1. Surface Preparation

(use if required)
For passivation & removal of light rust from metal and Galvanised iron roof sheeting. It also facilitates removal of minor deposits of oil and grease as well as chemically etching the metal surface to ensure optimum adhesion of the subsequent primer coat. Rustcure must be thoroughly washed off with water and the treated area must then be primed within 30 minutes of drying with Evolving Elements Surface Prime Plus.

primer coat

2. Primer Coat

Surface Prime Plus
Primer for metals. It contains rust preventing agents, inhibitors, adhesion promoters and inert fillers.

Apply on pressure washed, clean & dry surface
1 coat
Airless Spray

top coat

3. Top Coat - Coloured

Coloured Coating to revive existing colour or new look to roof. 100% acrylic. Specifically designed to rejuvenate, restore and seal old and aged roofs to revive existing colour or to a new colour. It dries to a semi-gloss coloured finish. It is a highly durable flexible finish, formulated for excellent resistance in Australian and Tropical weather.

18L Tint Base in 20L pail mixed with 2L Colour Tint Pack
Apply on primed or level coat surface
Coloured Coat
36+ Tint Pack Colours
2 coats
Airless Spray